History of the company

Public company (JSC) Information Analytic agency «Statinformconsulting» was founded in 2003. The company provides informational, analytical, research, consulting services, engages conducting independent statistical, sociological and marketing researches, organizing and conducting the conferences, scientific-practical and business seminars. Agency is one of the leading in distribution sphere of the official statistical information.

Agency has all opportunities for holding the comprehensive research of any volume and deepness due to unique net of interviewers for Ukraine (966persons) and appropriate resource base: computer equipment, software, own call center, publishing power.

Permanent staff of the company consists of highly qualified national experts: economists, statisticians, analysts, sociologists, psychologists, marketers, including academic degrees. At the same time, for specific research projects, the agency cooperates with leading international experts and consultants.

Agency «Statinformconsulting» is the only company in Ukraine, which specialized on conducting modular selected statistical researches.

On the permanent basis agency provides the informational and analytical reviews of all types economical activity and commodity groups, main macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine, and also the information about socio-economic situation of the world.

The experience of many years of work with Ukrainian and foreign companies allows us to analyze the markets and develop an exit strategies for them, to provide consulting support in the promotion of different goods, logistics, marketing, PR, to assess the business, establish contacts with Ukrainian enterprises, businessmen, analysis of investment in industry and regions.

During the last three days the agency is a partner of many agencies and organizations in joint projects with the World Bank.

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