Economic accounting of districts

Software system «Households recording for villages and townships councils» is based on “Instruction of households recording in the village, township and city councils,” approved by the Order of the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine from 08.12.2010 № 491 and registered with the Ministry of Justice on 5 January 2011. for the number 9/18747.

The main purpose of the complex:

  • Provide opportunity to receive summary reports on a number of indicators for village and township councils that based on information, which recorded from the books of households recording to the database, which is a computer analogue of these books;
  • keep records of population, housing stock belonging to citizens as personal property and the presence of livestock, farm machinery, land holdings, to form the register of voters;
  • create and produce different types of documents, certificates and analytical tables.

In this program was fixed the problem of signatures of the chairman and members of the households, which allows households recording electronically.

If necessary, you can quickly create available analytical information: social passport, the age structure of the population, the right to land and agricultural machinery in the context of household members, a list of persons registered in the council, etc.

In this complex solved problem related to reporting to statistical agencies: Form 6-Village Council, Village Council Form 4, Form 1-housing stock.

On the basis of the database is an extract and accounting documents proxy statements, wills, acts of civil status certificates.

Provided an extract information:

  • evidence of family members;
  • evidence of family members or registered persons;
  • certificate of family composition and land use;
  • evidence of family members and the amount of payments;
  • Certificate on livestock;
  • Certificate on the apiary;
  • evidence of the right of an individual to receive income from the tax agent without deduction of tax (Form number 3DF)
  • Certificate of the privatization of land;
  • Certificate on the land;
  • evidence of ownership of the house, etc.;

The possibility of a complete and comprehensive information about any resident for any period means quick and efficient search for details: name, address, number of object records, passport, identification code, date of birth.

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