ABOUT PORTAL — a unique portal that has no analogues of the content, level of intelligence, as well as the functionality of the data processing and visualization.


PORTAL CONTENT contains large amounts of statistical data, that aggregated to varying degrees, and presented for the period from 2007 to 2012 in the following ways:

  • Systematic statistics on Ukrainе
    Section contains more than 400 indicators, which are regularly updated and are presented in summary form in Ukraine, as well as by region.
  • Systematic statistical information on all countries of the world
    The section contains key statistics – more than 1,400 indicators for all countries of the world. The unique property is not only the presence of the passport of any country, but also the opportunity to compare countries with each other.


ANALYTICS has many analytical data that are the result of processing and crossing different sets of primary statistics. Many years of experience in the development and implementation of information and analysis products can offer the user a convenient system ready analytical tables in each section of the portal.



A unique element of the  is the section with the forecasts of macroeconomic development in Ukraine, demographic projections, trends in the basic index changes in the economy.



System supports the most modern techniques of data processing and visualization. Program shell allows you to select regions for analysis directly on the map, expand/collapse individual elements of the constructed tables, display them with different types of charts or on a geographical map, export data to external programs, a transition of the selected index between subsections portal change the format of already constructed by the user tables and graphs; other services are available.

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