Passport of the region

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Based on administrative data and statistical surveys produced a unique database of regional statistics.

The passport contains more than 400 indicators for each region, as well as about 500 indicators across Ukraine. Total annual data includes more than 11700 parameters. Base available in the passport for 12 years, which contains more than 140,000 figures for this period.

The structure of the “Passport region” comprises 24 chapters that characterize all aspects of economic and social life of the regions of Ukraine: the natural resources, population, housing and communal services, macroeconomic performance, investment, agriculture, industry, foreign trade, transportation, science, education and others.

Software shell provides advanced service functions, and data visualization. The user can generate the necessary tables for him by choosing indicators, region and periods of time, build various types of charts and graphs to display information on maps, export data to other programs.

Versatile and multi-functionality of Passport region full statistical coverage of Ukraine can effectively use this software a wide range of users: the central and local authorities, management companies, banking institutions, large and medium industrial, agricultural, transportation, and other businesses, consulting firms, social and other structures

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