Marketing researches

Market researches can provide information about the needs and wishes of the consumers, the motivation of their behavior, to predict the feasibility of introducing new products, services or improve existing ones. This is a good basis for the advertising campaigns and assess the level of effectiveness.

Agency “Statinformconsulting” offers complex of researches for solving various marketing tasks:

  • study existing and potential demand for goods and services;
  • analysis of consumption patterns;
  • testing of goods and services;
  • study of consumer awareness regarding brand products, the range of services and the amount of their consumption;
  • analysis of the behavior and motivations of consumers;
  • testing prices;
  • study brand image;
  • study the peculiarities of perception of advertising;
  • research position;
  • testing promotional products and advertising concepts;
  • study of the effectiveness of advertising and information campaigns;
  • audit retailers.

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