Methods of research

Every research requires an individual approach to the choice of method (s) of collect and analyze information. The choice of method is determined by the goals which should achieve.

If you need information about quantitative indicators of the object (e.g., to determine the percentage of individuals with a particular trait or ranking candidates) should use quantitative methods.

Quantitative methods:

  • private formal interview “face to face” (the respondent’s home, at work, on the street, at exhibitions, point of sale, in public places);
  • mail interview;
  • telephone interviews;
  • handout interviews;
  • testing products (hall-tests and testing houses);
  • audit of retail outlets;
  • content analysis.


If you are interested in understanding and perception of individual phenomena, processes, depth analysis of the problem or the generation of ideas, use qualitative methods.

Qualitative methods:

  • focus-group discussions;
  • depth interviews;
  • expert surveys;
  • discourse analysis;
  • observation.

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