Information support

Agency provides statistical support of the companies on an ongoing (contract) basis with establishing intervals – monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly, and also gives an one-time statistical information, which contains the samples with statistical database on the criteria specified by the customer.

“Statinformconsulting ” possesses by the most complete unique statistical databases for Ukraine.

Our employees will have helped You to determine, which actual, objective and available data is necessary in Your company, will have prepared the information package, which best suits your goals, will carry out further support and update.

We know and understand the necessary confidential data and don`t participate in projects, which can cause damage to third parties. We work thus we were trusted by members of statistical researches.

Due to cooperation with different agencies, organizations and many informational agencies, we have the opportunity to compare data, getting from different sources and to estimate their reliability. Using modern technologies of data processing lets quickly and qualitatively to give information in short terms.

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